3# Like a sisters

Hello fashion addicts!

I would like to share with you a story that I have lived on my return to Second Life.

I was completely lost when I returned and didn't know what's new or how I could update my av. I started visiting skins shops and I saw such a cute, realistic and natural avatar. This avatar is called xRaeganx and I completely fall in love with its appearance.
 I saw her profile and I could see that she makes custom shapes and that you can take her as a shopping assistant. So I decided to contact her and she made my new avatar.
I immediately connected with her. I had a lot of fun in this adventure with her and her advice. She was very attentive, patient and gave me a totally personal assistance. We spent hours together looking at stores, choosing skins and she adapted my tastes to my new avatar. I am very grateful for all your help and patience with me.
So, I want to help her now, I share this story to recommend it to anyone who wants a change of appearance to contact their inworld (xRaeganx Resident)
If you wanna see my old avatar, just visit my flickr or old blog (LOL)

Again, thanks you so much Reagan for all <3 now you're my sister and angel in SL ^^

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